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Partner 2 - Comune di Cesena - Italy

  • Francesca_Lucchi
    Francesca Lucchi


Dear Partners,

The Municipality of Cesena is proud to be partner of the In Common Sports project, since fostering active lifestyle among its population at every age is a priority for the city. Attracting elderly people to sports represents a great investment for their well-being, in terms of inclusion and socialising activities and in terms of mental and physical well-being as well. It represents also a concrete answer to the challenge of ageing society that we are facing in our countries. Integrated urban policies are the key of counteracting this challenge, and In Common Sports is a simple but challenging receipt of citizens' participation, health, demographic and social intervention, all in one.

Councillor for Environmental Sustainability and Europe of the Municipality of Cesena
Francesca Lucchi


Partner: Partner 2 - COMUNE DI CESENA - ITALY





Cesena is situated in Northern Italy within Emilia-Romagna Region, some 15kms from the Adriatic coast. Together with Forlì it is the capital of the Forlì-Cesena district. Cesena itself has a population of about 96.758 (2015).
Cesena has a population of about 96.580 (2016).
Cesena is a vibrant city that each year attracts thousand tourists that come to visit the historical center. The city centre has umbro-etruscan origins and knew a moment of prosperity at the times of the Malatesta family (1378-1465), who gave to the town centre the present shape, the Malatestiana Library, currently included on the list of UNESCO Memory of the World, and the superb Malatesta Fortress. The economy of Cesena has been always linked to agriculture and has today a great propension to innovation, while the well-known gastronomy is a trademark of this part of Romagna. The promotion of wellness as lifestyle is indeed one increasing distinctive characteristics of the city. The Municipality’s sport policy points on making sport an opportunity for all, intended as a health tool, integration, education and respect. Cesena was European City of Sport in year 2014.


Roberto Zoffoli - Director of the European Projects Office
Massimo Lodovici - Municipal Manager
Luisa Arrigoni - Project Manager
Sabrina Colaci - Physical education teacher / Trainer
Valeria Rossi - Project Manager (January 2018 - November 2018)
Federica Cuni - Physical education teacher / Trainer (January 2018 - March 2019)


Servizio Pianificazione Strategica, Progetti Integrati Comunali,Nazionali ed Europei
Piazza del Popolo 10 - Cesena 47521
tel: +39 0547 356898