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The structure of partnership presented in this project represents an added success factor for us, not only because it represents the effort to join partners with responsibilities and competences in the area of sport and health with the local community, as is the case of local public authorities, but also seeks to represent the set of countries with the lowest rates of sports practice in the European Union.

It is important to highlight here that in the definition of the consortium we seek to favour partners who effectively play a role in the community, to the detriment of entities whose existence is limited to the development of European projects - which resulted in an increased difficulty for the establishment of the consortium of this project. On the other hand, we added to the consortium the University of Vigo with extensive experience in the development of international studies and projects and with the input in scientific research areas namely in the development of important scientific knowledge on promoting sport and Health-Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) and with practical experience of teachers/researchers in the work linked to those areas.

The consortium is a well-balanced team, well positioned to cooperate and collaborate to respond to this global challenge. Additionally, Zöldpont has widespread experience in sports communication, with the aim to increase motivation in physical activity in any age groups.