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MEETINGS ICS 2021-2023

During the three-year project, the proposal foresee six transnational meetings planned at specific stages of the project. Transnational meetings will involve discussion of ongoing monitoring and evaluation, and the project team will reflect on progress and results.

At each transnational project meeting, an overview of the work performed and a plan of future activities will be carried out. Moreover, it is planned to dedicate time to each WP leader, to address specific issues related to his Work Package, namely regarding tasks, milestones and budget.

At the end of each meeting, the procedures will be discussed and agreed upon by all partners.



Meeting number: 01 

June 2022 - Pontevedra/Sanxenxo (SP)

The municipality of Sanxenxo hosted the 1st meeting of the European Project "In Common Sports+: Fit, Food and Fun for Elderly" on the 2nd and 3rd of June. The meeting was attended by representatives of the partners of the European Project (City Council of Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal), project coordinator, Manuela Ferreira and Olga Pontedeira; Polytechnic Institute of Viana de Castelo - IPVC (Portugal): Pedro Bezerra; University of Vigo: José María Cancela and Adriana López; Municipality of Aksakovo (Bulgaria) Neli Petrova ; Zöldpont (Hungary) Màrton Dvoràk; Municipality of Cesena: Luisa Arrigoni and Martina Casadei and Nova Gorica ( Slovenia) Darjo Trobec ) and the local authorities who collaborated in the implementation of the activities in Sanxenxo (the councillor for Sports, Daniel Arosa, and the councillor for Urbanism, Flavia Besada .

On June 2nd, the European ''Senior Olympics'' were held at the sports facilities of Baltar where about 200 elderly people participated, 170 of them participants in the physical activity programme for seniors in Sanxenxo and a group of 30 neighbours from Vila Nova de Cerveira. The participants competed in different sports with adapted versions and different traditional games of the area (billiards and key) with the aim of testing the practice of physical exercise through a collective sport, adapted to the characteristics of the adult population. The games included volleyball (where instead of hitting the ball you could grab it), basketball and handball (where no contact was allowed and the ball had to pass through all the players before being thrown into the goal) and boccia.
Once the Olympics were over, the day continued at Casa Don Fernando (Casa Mariñeira) with explanations about the development of the physical activity and sport program for retired seniors and pensioners of Sanxenxo. The results obtained so far and the future lines of work of the new project "In Common Sports+: Fit, Food and Fun for Elderly" were also discussed.

The meeting ended on the 3rd of June with a visit to the municipal field of Baltar, where all the partners of the European project had the opportunity to witness a training session of the physical activity program that is carried out in Sanxenxo for people over 60 years old. Once the training was finished, all the partners of the project and the coach of Sanxenxo, Nacho Rebollo, had the possibility to meet to talk about the objectives and the evolution of this sport programme.







Meeting number: 02 

September 2022 - Cesena (Italy)

On 28th and 29th September the Municipality of Cesena hosted the second meeting of In common Sports. The works, chaired by Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Sport Christian Castorri, were attended by all the partners of the European project: the Municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveria (Portugal) coordinator of the project, IPVC- Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castello (Portugal), University of Vigo (Spain), Municipality of Aksakovo (Bulgaria), Zoldpont Association (Hungary) and the Institute for Sport of the City of Nova Gorica (Slovenia). Daniela Tamburini of the Wellness Foundation was also presented.
During the first day, after the welcome statement the partnership worked to the main project’s items and the day after all the partners participated to Cesena “Olympics4all” event. The Italian senior athletes (about 80) competed in volleyball, basketball and bocce, supervised by the high school students of Versari Macrelli Insitute, who acted as judges. The event was part of the European Sports Week and the European was also included among the activities of the European Commission's “Be Active” initiative.









Meeting number: 03

November 2022 - Budapest (Hungary)

The 3rd Transnational Meeting of the "In Common Sports+” was held in Budapest on 22-23rd November. The first day was spent discussing matters related to the program: the trainings – especially the ball games, the training load, new experience of the trainers, competitions that were held in this year. The main events of the next and at the same time the last year of the ICS+ program were also scheduled, which are the final assessment, the last three Transnational Meeting and the Multiplier Sport Events. After the meeting and on the next day the participants still had some time to enjoy popular sights of Budapest and the Christmas markets.







Meeting number: 04

The 4th international meeting of the In Common Sports + project took place on the 18th and 19th of April in the city of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Under the organization of Javni zavod za šport Nova Gorica, the beginning of the work took place in the municipality of Nova Gorica, where the Mayor, Samo Turel, highlighted the importance of this project that motivates older citizens to an active lifestyle, through regular exercise. Partners were able to witness the impact of this project on the territory that involves around 150 seniors every week.

During the 18th, the meeting focused on the analysis of the Intellectual Outputs where each partner had the opportunity to make a point of view of the activities in their territory.

The second day was dedicated to the Senior Olympic Games where project participants competed in different disciplines under the watchful eye of project partners.

The atmosphere was phenomenal, the hospitality at the top and the wonderful weather made our stay in this beautiful city leave an unforgettable impression.








Meeting number: 05

Dates and venue June 2023 - Aksakovo (BG)

Meeting number: 06


Dates and venue               

October 2023 - Vila Nova de Cerveira (PT)