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Multiplier Sport Event in Nova Gorica


On December 20, 2023, the Public Institute for Sport Nova Gorica organized a MULTIPLIER SPORT EVENT in the meeting hall of the municipality of Nova Gorica, where we presented the development and results of the project "IN COMMON SPORT; FIT, FOOD & FUN FOR EDERLY". Through a projection on a large screen, we presented the concepts of the project, the goals and results that the participants achieved during the three years of operation in 6 partner countries (Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia and Portugal), focusing mainly on the data, which were achieved on our territory. The event was attended by project participants, local sports associations, citizens, representatives of the Red Cross of Nova Gorica, representatives of the school's sports and medicine centre, representatives of the third university, representatives of the municipality from the department of social sciences, and the regional head of the National Institute of Health, prof. Marko Vudrag, who also opened the event. In addition to his presence, the event was opened by the director of the sports institute, Mrs. A. Fortin and Mrs. Tamara Simčič, representative of the City Municipality. Everyone emphasized how important and added value this project has for our city.

We discussed the following topics:

- A brief description of the entire project and set goals,

- What was done in these 3 years,

- Participants' physical activity and its benefits,

- Presentation of the main video and other video manuals,

- The “Olympic4All” games and the experience of members in the project and the last big event in Portugal,

- Presentation of video and image recordings of various moments of the project.

The event ended with the news from responsible Darjo Trobec that the European Union considered this strategic project as part of its development plan as winner of European BeActivate awards. He added also that the Municipality of Nova Gorica decided, due to the positive effects and the prematurely adopted strategy for the elderly to continue with free exercises for all participants in the project and to invite other new recruits to participate as well.