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An Erasmus+ Youth project called „SPORT for Sustainable Development” was organized in Tokyo, Japan during September 2022. The training course gathered 40 youth leaders, youth workers, NGO staff, sport trainers and researchers from three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa).
Participants of the training course engaged in activities based on the methodology of education through sport (ETS) which is a dynamically developing area of non-formal
education. The main aim of the training course was to equip participants with necessary skills, competences and knowledge to develop and deliver sport-based educational activities and survey the effects of the Olympics Games Tokyo 2021, specifically focusing on sustainable development.

The program included a best practice part and „In Common Sports” project was also represented by Márton Dvorák (Zöldpont Association, Hungary), who enlighted the results of the program and also a way how this program can be sustained by the elderly training groups and professional contents (work packages) after the program ends in 2023.